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I teach at the CMU|Portugal MHCI program, the Master in Engineering Informatics (MEI) program, and the undergraduate program of Interactive Media Design (LDMI).

PhD students / Research Assistants

  • Mary Barreto (2010 – ongoing, SINAIS, Co-supervised by Nuno Nunes): Social Translucence as a theoretical framework for sustainable HCI
  • Evangelos Niforatos (2011 – ongoing, Logica Service Design Lab): Methods and tools for in-situ evaluation of ubiquitous computing
  • Jakob Rogstadius (2011 – ongoing, WESP, Co-supervised by Vassilis Kostakos): Enhancing crisis response coordination through crowdsourcing and microblogging
  • Jayant Venkatanathan (2011 – ongoing, WESP, Co-supervised by Vassilis Kostakos):  User controllable security and privacy for mobile and social networking applications
  • Ruben Hugo de Freitas Gouveia (2012 – ongoing, WESP): Personal Informatics tools as instruments in evaluating ubicomp technologies

Research Interns

  • Jorge Goncalves (September 2011 – Jarnuary 2012, SINAIS): Motivating citizen participation on the go
  • Evangelos Niforatos (February – June 2011, SINAIS): A platform for rapid prototyping and evaluation of mobile applications)

Master theses supervision

PhD theses examiner

  • Karolina Baras (University of Minho, 2012): Dynamic world model for context-aware environments

MSc theses examiner

  • Clinton Luis Jorge (MEI 2012): Remote Presence: Supporting deictic gestures through a handheld multi-touch device
  • Jorge Goncalves (MEI 2011): Groupster: Narrowcasting on Social Networking Sites
  • Bernardo Reynolds (MEI 2010): Information Sharing and privacy practices in online social networks


A platform for rapid prototyping and evaluation of mobile sustainable interactions